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What is to be expected during the initial consultation for graphic design services?

​During the initial consultation for graphic design services we will gather information and discuss the parameters of your project including: project objectives, target audience, product features, user benefits, competition, creative considerations, distribution, and the single most important point you wish to communicate about your product or service. 


Following the initial consultation, we provide a written proposal which outlines the details of our services and estimated cost for the project. The estimate is typically divided into two equal payments the first to be paid in advance so that we can begin working and the second installment is to be paid after approval of the final concept. We accept different forms of payment including: credit, debit and cash.


What are the benefits of signing a retainer?


The benefits of signing a retainer is volume discount pricing. When you sign a retainer we offer you a discount of approximately 10%. We set aside a certain amount of time per month towards work on your project. If work exceeds the amount of time allocated you are billed separately for the additional time. If the time is not used, it is banked for the following month. Once the retainer expires you lose the hours. We do not offer refunds on banked hours since it allocates a percentage of our billable hours to a single client.

We would like several different concepts.


We will consider many different approaches but our experience is that there are usually only a couple that stand the test of being truly innovative, strategically sound and financially practical. 

How much do you charge?


There is no right price for a job. Every job presents a different challenge that can be addressed at different price levels and we base our pricing based on your unique budget and project objectives. We offer a variety of solutions, based on a range of price points. There will always be someone cheaper. What you will not be able to find elsewhere is the value we offer, our quality, service, and dependability. 

We would like you to copy something we like from our competitor. Is this something you can do?


Our experience is that what works well for one situation, product or company almost never works equally well in another. However, we can produce something different and more effective to suit your project.

We would like to cut a few corners on a job.


With budget concerns, we understand the need to cut corners. However, It really is not that simple. It doesn't take us any less time to come up with a bad concept than a good one. We can, however, promise to do a good job as efficiently as possible, and we'll make sure we don't add any extra frills or embellishments.

We would like to redo what we already have.


Our experience is that the only way we can give our clients the creative impact they need is to start projects from scratch. This allows us to approach the project from a fresh perspective and ensures that you get the full value of our objectivity. Doing it that way doesn't cost much more but it adds tremendously to the value we deliver.


I'd like to book a class but I can't find an available time on your website.


If you are trying to book a class online but cannot find a suitable time, consider booking an "open studio" class. To register for an open studio session, simply click on the "workshops" link in our top navigation bar and scroll to the bottom of the list. If you are not interested in the courses offered in open studio, you can book a private class by sending an email to: and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Has my booking been scheduled yet ?

You should be receiving a confirmation of your booking once you have paid. If you have not received a booking confirmation, please contact our office and we will confirm your order by phone. Alternatively you can send us an email at

Are T-Shirts available in different colours


T-shirts are available in a large assortment of colours however,  we prefer to work with lighter colours. Once you book your event we can provide you with more information about the printing process.

Are your courses just for kids? ​

We can accommodate participants of different age groups, learning styles and abilities. We offer separate classes for young children, teens and adults.

I would like to book a party but I have more than 10 guests. 


At this point, our rooms are equipped to house 6 guests per booking. In an effort to serve you better we try to limit our class sizes so that each guest receives just the right amount of support. For larger events we require at least two weeks notice.

Can I book an animation party?

For beginners, learning digital animation can be complex and a one and a half hour event is simply not enough time to learn the necessary skills. If you are interested in learning digital animation, consider enrolling in one of our animation workshops.


Are T-Shirts screen printed


You can choose to have your T-Shirt screen printed however, there would be an additional cost involved.

The advantages of participating in a T-shirt design workshop is having fun and learning new design skills. Additionally, by creating your own T-shirt at Pixel, you don't have to wait for your T-shirt to ship. It would typically cost much more, take a lot longer and a minimum order would be required for screen printed T-shirts. 

How challenging are your courses

We determine your comfort zone then work with you at your preferred pace. 




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PHONE NUMBER (647) 668-0690 


48 Finch Avenue West

Toronto, Ontario M2N2H2

Tel: 647-668-0690

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