The process of drawing is really a process of refining and revising. When artists begin drawing they often begin with a thumbnail sketch or a gesture drawing. This helps to plan the location, relationship of objects and the overall composition of the elements on the page. Ideally with figure drawing, once the location and relationships between elements have been established you begin to develop the shapes of the body. For example the limbs can take on the shape of cylinders while the hips and ribcage take on the shape of boxlike structures seen in perspective. In the final stage you want to redraw the figure with detail,  remembering to include values of lights and darks to imply shape and form. While this may sound complex, it is rather straightforward. Process makes perfect. Sign up for an illustration class at Pixel Art & Design Studio. 


Contour drawing is an observational drawing technique that helps to develop perceptual skills and hand-eye coordination. Students who practice observational contour drawing, learn to observe and recognize relationships and accurate proportions that would normally be overlooked during the drawing process. Contour drawings also force  students to slow down, visualize, and create more confident flowing lines.


Ideally, students should begin from the perimeter and work their way into the drawing using cross contour lines to imply form. Selecting an area of focus and working in the details using different grayscale tonal variations can also help to imply depth and tension to a contour drawing.


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