November 3, 2016




Art Projects Should be Tied to Specific Learning Outcomes

Some recreational art schools tend to place a greater emphasis on the development of technical skills without giving much thought to the purpose of the artwork being created. As a result, the artwork may lack in creativity.  At Pixel  we encouraged exploration. We work with you to find out your interests then custom tailor art assignments to pique your interest and keep you motivated in your work.


Demonstrate Creativity and Work Variety 

Creative talent and variety of work are crucial since they help to get you noticed. At Pixel we offer digital and traditional art courses so that you can develop a variety of creative skills and a well-rounded art portfolio. With access to a mix of tools, processes, and opportunities to explore, you are guaranteed to develop an interesting art portfolio for your audition.


Demonstrate Critical Thinking ProcessES

While creativity and work variety are important components of an effective art portfolio, gaining entry into a specialized art program may also require a demonstration of your critical thinking. The reason being that classroom discussion and critique are ongoing and your interviewers need to be aware of your thinking process to determine your level of suitability in their program. Interviewers will assess your critical thinking based on your sketchbook processes, how well you respond to feedback and the overall depth of your work. To assess your critical thinking you may be asked questions such as: What was the goal of your art project?, Why did you approach your project this way?, or How have you demonstrated your creative process in your sketchbook?  At Pixel we tie our projects to specific learning outcomes that encourage you to think and communicate so you can practice and develop your critical thinking in preparation for your audition.


Speaking Confidently About Your Work

In addition to demonstrating critical thinking, creativity, and variety,  you need to practice speaking confidently about your work. At Pixel we offer you numerous opportunities to discuss your work. In addition, we offer constructive feedback on your overall portfolio so that you will present only the art pieces that you feel most confident about presenting.

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