November 27, 2017

Drawing a figure regularly will help you to improve your powers of observation and illustrations skills.

You won’t be noticed as you sketch your friends while they are fixated on their mobile devices or gaming screens.



As with any illustration the environment should support and reinforce but not take away from the focal point. While you sketch try to pay attention to the anatomical proportions of the human body. Consider the direction of the light source and how it falls on, and affects the look of objects and clothing. Use various tones and line weights to suggest 3 dimensional form. Often with more variety in tones and line weights, works are more interesting and convincing in appearance. Look for ways to convey a mood or the models personality. Try to draw people and experiences that are meaningful and inspiring to you and set aside a good amount of time. 


For example, the life drawing of a person seated above has taken me about an hour to complete. Some of the perspectives including the desk and screen had to be adjusted after the fact to ensure that they were leading to the same vanishing point.


I have also included a still life illustration of preliminary work for my watercolor floral illustration to demonstrate the difference between rigid and free flowing illustrative styles. If you are building a portfolio and wish to show the range of your creative style, it might be a good idea to explore different sketching approaches. 


Remember to carve out time for practice. Consider taking a sketching class at Pixel Art and Design 

Studio. Classes are offered during the week or on Sundays. Find out more about our classes by emailing us at:





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October 25, 2018

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October 17, 2018

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